Letter of Agreement

Between IVAO Divisions

Romania –Hungary – Bulgaria

Considering the good collaboration between the three IVAO divisions and good inter-personal relations between the members, the divisions Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria represented by Mr. Ion Dragomir (RO-DIR), Mr.Zoltan Gyenge (HU-DIR) and Mr.Evgeny Genchev (BG-ADIR) agree as follows:

  1. Divisions tours legs such as IFR, VFR, Heli, etc will not require any e-mail written confirmation in order to ensure the acceptance of the other divisions;
  2. Divisions agree to have one common on-line evening during the week; the on-line evening is set on Monday (the hour is not settled yet);
  3. Divisions Headquarters agree to use any airport (other than major airports) for trainings, without using an active ATC position and without disturbing collateral traffic;
  4. Divisions agree to post exams, events and trainings sessions information on divisions' forums and not only on their own forum;
  5. Event Coordinators and Special Operation Coordinators (where they exist) will prepare events for all the divisions part of this LoA;
  6. All the e-mails sent between staff members regarding events, training and ATC’s must be copied to DIV-DIR/ADIR for information;
  7. Every division member is invited to participate to all events published by any division.
  8. The Division HQ decided to create a common IFR tour under the Name East- European Tour, with use the Airports of both Divisions. The creating of tours in progress.
  9. The Division Headquarters agree to have three or more HQ's meetings per year to share the experience and new ideas for future cooperation.


Signed by RO/BG/HU-DIR

To download the document click HERE.