ATC Frequencies


Facility Name/Purpose Frequency Callsign
Emergency Frequency 121.50 *
Sofia Control (FIR) 131.100 LBSR_CTR
Sofia East Control 132.250 LBSR_E_CTR
Sofia West Control 131.100 LBSR_W_CTR
Sofia Approach 123.700 LBSF_APP
Sofia Tower 118.100 LBSF_TWR
Varna Approach 124.600 LBWN_APP
Varna Tower 118.900 LBWN_TWR
Burgas Approach 125.100 LBBG_APP
Burgas Tower 118.000 LBBG_TWR
Plovdiv Tower 133.600 LBPD_TWR
Gorna (Oryahovitsa) Tower  124.500 LBGO_TWR

Even though all frequencies and codes SHOULD be real, they are only for use with IvAc, IvAp, and Flight Simulator, and should NOT be used for real life aviation.